Brick by Brick

Before my teenage years hit, when playing with toys was deemed immature, my imagination pushed my play out into stories and adventures with plastic figures from Kenner and plastic bricks from Lego. The combination of both in scenarios, my brother and I would devise, was a defining influence over my childhood. So with over thirty... Continue Reading →


Fading Scale

Spent the last few days considering what may lay ahead in 2016. Much of the┬áprevious 12 months has been peppered with events and emotions I'd rather not repeat. That said, stargazing upon Mount Teide for my birthday was definitely the highlight of 2015. If you ever get the chance to visit Tenerife then I suggest... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Wood

I don't consider myself a complicated character and although new distractions can be refreshing, many don't having a lasting influence. This is possibly why I don't have a big pool of friendships to call upon. Simple pleasures then? Maybe one example of this is the new piece of furniture I spent putting together last Saturday;... Continue Reading →

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