A New Hope

Happy New Year and welcome.

Yes, I’m borrowing ‘that’ subtitle for the first post but there’s honestly some nice coincidences that make it relevant. It also gives me a nice fuzzy feel that I cannot deny myself! But before getting into that I’d just like to welcome you to Flashpoint.You can find out more about what the focus of this site will be by clicking on the ‘about flashpoint’ page tab above or via the link here. There’s only a little detail here now but expect it to fill out over the coming weeks.

I hope my ramblings will be of some amusement to you.

The Influence of escapism

The first ever movie I saw at the cinema was Star Wars at the old Granada cinema(now a nightclub) in Kingston Upon Thames. My older brother(by 15 odd years) had a seven-year old and a five-year old, myself and younger sibling, in tow. I remember the huge queue for tickets and the feeling that I was experiencing something almost otherworldly. It’s hard for me to recall an experience that has engaged my imagination more than A New Hope. For my young and still developing mind, the Star Wars universe was the first piece of escapism that I dreamed to be part of(sure, I wanted to be Han Solo).

Looking back, I now recognise this as a trend in my personality. Actively using my imagination(reading, writing, watching a movie or playing a game)makes me happy. But I do have a tendency to live within my imagination far more than probably is considered healthy. You may find my posts here will look to expose this.


As I’m drafting this post there’s only six days until the release of Star Wars – The Force Awakens. Once this post is live(you’re reading it so we’re in 2016) I’ve either seen it or have tickets booked to see it. It’s nice to be once again be thinking about the Star Wars universe in 2016 but I should also be celebrating this year as my 10th of blogging. So in a strange sorta way 1977 has come full circle in 2016(almost 40 years apart!)and my blogging has been saved from the trash compactor.

The force has a lot to answer for!


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