The Importance of Wood

I don’t consider myself a complicated character and although new distractions can be refreshing, many don’t having a lasting influence. This is possibly why I don’t have a big pool of friendships to call upon.

Simple pleasures then? Maybe one example of this is the new piece of furniture I spent putting together last Saturday; a desk from IKEA and my first purely wooden desk.I’ve owned some truly horrible MDF excuses over the years and there’s a pleasure in owning a desk now that feels like it owns the room. Having a piece of furniture that gives that warmth of smell that (pine)wood does, is not to be underestimated.I had been torn over using the desk funds on a telescope instead but this idea quickly lost out. Cheaper telescopes don’t tend to offer the best results so, yeah that idea is binned.

With a new desk now in place, 2016 could be a far more proactive year(and not reactive impulse I had to 2015). At least I’ve given myself a good start to the year.



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