Thoughtful Gaming

Unlikely to be popular thinking outside of the industry, thoughtfulness and gaming can be bedfellows.

Now I like my escapism in all forms. The current beta of Tom Clancy’s The Division allows me to be a gun-toting scavenger in a great near-present setting. On the strength of the beta, I will be spending a lot of time in Manhattan in March. For February there’s something slightly more cerebral which will be taking me back in time to 1989 and the Wyoming wilderness.

Firewatch incoming

Just a week away from, finally, being able to get my hands on Firewatch. It’s ideally placed so that I’ll have no extra distractions, for a month at least, so I can soak up the experience. With so little talk of the main element – the story – it’s be a hard wait. Normally during pre-release, we are shown much that the player can expect. To Campo Santo’s credit, much of this has not been spoilt and the thrill of discovering a new virtual land has been left intact.

Playing Journey for the first time(last year), I had deliberately kept my focus away from any spoilers or gameplay videos. Which added to that same sense of discovery that I hope to get as Henry in 1989 Wyoming. No guns or clubs or bows. Just a Walkie-talkie, a collection of books and other curiosities, a fire-watch tower, a mystery to solve and Delilah.

Next time you hear from me, I should be settled into my role. Expect some dispatches and postcards!


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