Tracing April – Out of Bounds

There are 5 Echoes that relate to April Kelleher. That got my fairly excited that there's a mission within the game that will uncover where April is now. I say now because the events she has transcribed within the pages of the book, New York Collapse, date back to a time to the early stages... Continue Reading →


Tracing April

With the release of Tom Clancy's The Division, I picked up a copy of New York Collapse. A survival guide from the game world in physical form with markings and extra content from the fictional April Kelleher. Supposedly a separate experience from playing the game, this guide tells April's travels around Manhattan after the collapse.... Continue Reading →


With February keeping me busy with a variety of activities(that have been both mental and physical), I’ve been thankfully that my energy levels have been at a good level. The only thing that has slipped is my reading. That’s not from a lack of enthusiasm but more that something had to give while I’ve been... Continue Reading →

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