With February keeping me busy with a variety of activities(that have been both mental and physical), I’ve been thankfully that my energy levels have been at a good level. The only thing that has slipped is my reading. That’s not from a lack of enthusiasm but more that something had to give while I’ve been working on some house projects. A big difference to having a low mood/no energy which rips my enjoyment from the hobbies I have.

This is the time where I begin to believe that thinking too hard about something that has yet to happen, only polarises my will to engage. Thinking too hard about something can block the natural movement of energy and can turn me away from something that could well be a positive. Over-thinking so that the process becomes a loop, leads the way to negative thought-land. Something I have to be very mindful of that because, for me, it can feel such a natural state to be in.

Having the balance between work, rest and play is far more than a tagline from a famous advertising campaign. It really does help keep my energy levels just where I need them. Having to give too much(or even too little) energy over to just one of these without a redress has caused problems for me in the past. I can just imagine how being unemployed would upset this balance.


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