Tracing April

With the release of Tom Clancy’s The Division, I picked up a copy of New York Collapse. A survival guide from the game world in physical form with markings and extra content from the fictional April Kelleher. Supposedly a separate experience from playing the game, this guide tells April’s travels around Manhattan after the collapse. What makes it interesting for me is the chance to retrace April via the notes she leaves in the guide. Okay, there may not be any tie-ins from book to game but already the first few pages have mention of a placed April stayed(Grand and Wooster).

It’s likely that I’ll be posting a few more entries regarding the discoveries that may crop up. Mainly just to keep these recorded somewhere, so if it’s likely that you are sensitive to possible spoilers then I’d avoid anything with the prefix of ‘Tracing April’ in the title of future entries. This is all likely to be a wild goose chase but am in for the experience. Maybe you are too?


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