Tracing April – Out of Bounds

There are 5 Echoes that relate to April Kelleher. That got my fairly excited that there’s a mission within the game that will uncover where April is now. I say now because the events she has transcribed within the pages of the book, New York Collapse, date back to a time to the early stages of the pandemic. We are talking from December to January – nice that there’s no year tagged onto this. This gives it the feel of a cautionary tale and not far-flung fiction.


There are also 20-odd pages of the book to discover within the game(the physical book runs to 173 pages). Am keen to discover as much as I can of the backstory of the collapse of New York but as only a third of the Manhattan map has been introduced to players at launch,  the area that April describes(around the SOHO district) is not currently open to players. Kinda fudged my plans just a touch. Still I’ll be reading the book and making notes within my spreadsheet, prepared for when(I hope) it counts.


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