Bookish Things

“There is this idea that you either read to escape or you read to find yourself. I don’t really see the difference.”
― Matt Haig, Reasons to Stay Alive

My most recent read, Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig, was a nice break from the fiction-mountain that I have still to scale. Matt has written an honest recording of his struggles with mental health. But not only is it honestly written, I believe it’s a very important book to have been published. If I had to recommend a book that everyone should read, then this would be the one. Especially recommended if you’ve never experienced a mental health issue and know someone who has.


While recently selling from my comic collection on Ebay, the pull of subscribing to some new(and not so new) titles pulled on the heart-strings. I am back with half a dozen or so titles but that’s my limit. Thankfully a great find came in the shape of an Age Concern shop that has a comic book section. From here I’ve been able to fill a few gaps in my own collections but also pick some bargains too(that I’m selling on).


The mountain that is my unread fiction will certainly get a little taller during June. I may not add any graphic novels but really need to get my teeth into the base of that mountain. Certainly I have the time for a good hour of reading time per day while I’m not employed. Yet that time is contending with Snap Map Doom, Uncharted 4 and co-op The Division. Balance needs to be addressed here, for sure.


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