Luxury of Time

The 30 days of June produced a number of new opportunities whilst still looking for my new vocation. The month just flew by – as did May – but here’s a brief summary: 

  • brought me to 65 days unemployed(and counting)
  • began streaming on Twitch; Overwatch & The Long Dark
  • Finally finished The Girl on the train by Paula Hawkins and began reading The Fireman by Joe Hill
  • Signed up for a Cineworld Unlimited card – early morning showings FTW!
  • Began watching The Outcast on FOX after reading volume 1 of the comic book. Have volumes 2 & 3 to now read
  • Donated blood for the 8th time ever. Aiming for my 10th donation award during 2016.

With half of July now come and gone the whole of July now flashed by, my perspective that time is racing on regardless maintains traction. I’m enjoying the enforced break from employment(first for nearly 16 years) and have gained a good deal of focus. Here are a few of insights I have gained recently:

Out of sight & out of mind

Folk that deem the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ viewpoint are NOT your real friends. 90% of people that I have ever worked with/for fall into this category. I have found this to be especially true after my recent job redundancy. I’m not naive enough to believe all the smiles and friendly gestures during a working day ever amount to anything but a social platitude. Yet there are some that, in a work environment, push this even further. These are the folk to be wary of. I’m not going to lead myself into highlighting examples here but let’s just say I’m amazed at what lengths some will go to to get you ‘onside’.

Goodbye facebook

You are not my friend. Unused and have only really kept it to keep in touch with family and friends abroad. But the weight of the negatives has pushed me to deactivate my account once and for all.

August plans

My much maligned Youtube channel should be getting some love from me around August 12th. With the release of No Man’s Sky, I plan to now keep a video diary that will catalogue my adventures in the game. As players start in unique starting points, recording and keeping my intergalactic travelogue seems the perfect fit for my channel. You can find my adventures here – Diary to the centre of the Universe. Read an update here.


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