Keeping it Up

This post is part of the #Blaugust event run by @belghast. Details can be found here – Blaugust 2016.

This being the last in the series of Blaugust for 2016 means my one post/entry a week did work to a degree; Four in 31 days is 1 in every 7.75 days. If anything, and as I have the time, I’d hope this would be the new average. The first 7 months of 2016 saw an average of 1.71 posts/entries.

So September, huh? It’s my birthday month and tends to be one of my favourite months of the year. This year I’m hoping for my first telescope – a motorised Newtonian reflector for sky watching our galaxy mainly.

Time to dust off my S194 books, me thinks.


Why Word of Mouth and the Importance of Listening to Your Gut Beats Hype

This post is part of the #Blaugust event run by @belghast. Details can be found here – Blaugust 2016.

If I could avoid one influence in my life then it would have to be that emotional-warping and logic-destroying thing that is HYPE. Very much a modern currency, ‘hype’ will try to mask any doubters with over-reaching possibilities that ultimately burn them. It’s easy to assume that hype = truth when bludgeoned over the head with it enough times. Yet it’s very hard to avoid in these times of connectivity…

Don’t be a fool for love

The best times are the times where I’ve discovered something beautiful for myself. Where I’ve heard a great song, read a surprisingly life-affirming book or watched an inspiring piece of drama or documentary. Sure I may have had a tip from someone I also trust but that’s all it had been – a tip. No frills or fanatic meltdown just the simple words, ‘…think you’ll like it.’ are enough from those that I trust.

This isn’t foolproof mind, as recently I was led by the nose with regards to No Man’s Sky. Even now I hear how some are really enjoying the game but alas after giving it some of my time, it just wasn’t for me;

Beating hype

kyle-lambert-stranger-things-posterAs a very good example of beating the hype came just recently. I knew nothing of the Netflix TV show Stranger Things until I read a tweet by someone whose taste in most things I value.

There was no need to look further than that and so I loaded up Netflix and just sat back and watched the show. It was perfect, of-the-moment viewing which was surely helped by not having any expectations for the show. As rare as it now seems to be, this kind of word of mouth should never be undervalued.

Reliance on review scores from often folk I not even met(let alone talked to) is such muddy water. And when I say ‘muddy water’ it’s where media outlets and journalists need to have a relationship with the developers, publishers and producers to get content that will sell their own product to us.


This post is part of the #Blaugust event run by @belghast. Details can be found here – Blaugust 2016.

Location_Bulgaria_EU_EuropeWith my fear of flying well and truly under control,I got to spend 9 wonderful days in Bulgaria. But let me be straight here, my fear was subject to not truly understanding what turbulence is. This was coupled with a bad experience I had as a child on a nighttime flight. My fear never stopped me from flying but it did make the experience very uncomfortable.

So yeah, fear contained. The time away from the UK was well need and the time spent in Bulgaria was all about relaxing; reading, eating, drinking and swimming around in the Black Sea. I last went to Bulgaria back in 2013 yet little seems to have changed in three years. The beaches are well looked after and the Black Sea feels like bath water after 5 minutes of being in it. Bulgaria is also very inexpensive as their own currency, the Lev, is weak against the £. On average my wife and I ate out for a little over £16 total; 2-3 courses each including drinks.

Eating out with felines

Typically, restaurants(especially ones that had outdoor covers) that we ate at had at least one cat that would patrol the eating area. Whether these were strays that are now tolerated by the restaurant staff(keeping away rats and the like) or not is hard to say. Some cats did look worse for wear while others seemed well fed and groomed. With the same cat still being at the same restaurant on subsequent nights, they put an extra mile or two into my smile each evening.