Facing Fear

This post is part of the #Blaugust event run by @belghast. Details can be found here – Blaugust 2016.

In my attempt to keep a better grip on updating things here during August(and hopefully beyond that), I’ve signed up to the Blaugust event. I’ll be aiming to post once a week during the month so here’s the first of four for August(I hope!).


In a day or so I will doing something that can make me a little fearful. Since 2002 I’ve faced it head on 16 or so times. Each time it gets a little easier and each time the thought of doing it becomes a little less daunting. Yet if I hadn’t had the push to face that particular fear 14 years ago my life would’ve been completely different to the one I have now.

Whether it’s an irrational or rational fear is really of little consequence. Having a fear or phobia can be limiting and make even those deemed highly intelligent or strong feel like a newborn child crying for its mother.

From experience, facing a fear may not always give the results you want and you may never totally free yourself from the fear. But I do know by not trying to face them the depth and power it has over you will only increase.


2 thoughts on “Facing Fear

    1. It’s taken me a number of years but by reading up on the subject(with a little aid from the smallest amount of medication) I’ve reduced the stress that I place myself under when flying. It also allows my wife to sleep on flights now that I am far more relaxed!


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