With temporary work placement now behind me, I have a little bit of time to catch up with other matters. After being freed from my previous role, back in May, time has been my friend. Yet a few weeks back working and those previous life struggles, of having the time to flex my freedom and... Continue Reading →


Lost Friendships

Yesterday, reclined in a chair with needle in arm saying goodbye to another pint of blood, my thoughts turned to those close friends I once had. While donating blood, I don't normally have these reflective moments. Usually I watch how other donors are doing or talking with the nurses. Let's be clear, my mood wasn't... Continue Reading →

Return to Two Forks

With version 1.03 now patched in, I returned to Firewatch¬†after the false start made earlier in the year. False because upon release the game¬†was glitchy and (for me at least) unplayable. I had said to myself that rather than struggling through and spoiling the whole experience, I'd wait...and wait I now have. missing you already... Continue Reading →

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