Refreshed and Renewed

Since registering Flashpoint back in January, I've stuck with a fairly basic(OK bland) theme. Concentrating on my writing and thoughts, I've left tried to let the words speak for themselves. But the flat look to the site has bothered me over the last few months. Yes, I like lighthouses. If you have followed me long... Continue Reading →


‘What are you thinking?’

Before you think anything, no I'm not throwing out a question there. It's probably wise I don't know what everyone else thinks. Imagine the mess that would leave me in! There are times that my mind races ahead of the speed at which my brain can handle. These are, I suppose, a very mild version... Continue Reading →

19 Years Online

Can scarcely believe that I've spent close to half my life connected to the internet. I signed up with prestel on-line back in November 1997. This was the time of dial-up where connecting to the Internet would cost you by the minute. So where playing Meridian 59 not only cost money every time I played... Continue Reading →

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