‘What are you thinking?’

Before you think anything, no I’m not throwing out a question there. It’s probably wise I don’t know what everyone else thinks. Imagine the mess that would leave me in!

There are times that my mind races ahead of the speed at which my brain can handle. These are, I suppose, a very mild version of a manic episode that those with bipolar suffer from. I rarely get these moments now but they were prevalent before I got help from the doctor. Before I recognised that I’d probably been suffering from depression for years, these moments of ‘racing thoughts’ would be brushed off as an side-effect of having a good mood. Now I know them to be a small warning to be mindful.


It’s strange but I seemed to have developed an automatic response to those racing thoughts. I have found myself verbalising the words, ‘what are you thinking?’ to myself. Almost like a rebuttal, a way of breaking where my runaway thoughts are taking me. It does do the trick and it brings the present back to me. Maybe it’s the shock of verbalising the words rather than the words themselves? It feels like a chant, that I’ve identified that the thought process is being broken by racing impulses.

Those racing thoughts themselves? That’s probably best well left alone or at least for another time.


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