Platinum Times

So am still without employment.

I’ve given up counting the days since I had a permanent job yet I’ve kept myself busy since May. Now am looking to challenge myself in a few different ways and one of those ways is via a hobby I enjoy. There are still a few details that I’m ironing out but the main detail will be that I’ll be challenging myself to gain the platinum trophy from a future PS4 release. Why this challenge? Well I’ve never gained a platinum trophy before even from the games that only have a single player element. It’s not something that has ever bothered me, yet to give myself an achievable challenge this may just what I need and a heap of fun too.


I have an idea that I’ll use the release of Dishonored 2 as a test bed for the ideas on how and where I’ll update my progress. In 2012, I played the original Dishonored on XB. It was fantastic and although I played a low chaos run, the exploration of both high and low chaos was very appealing.

I do hope the ‘saving on the fly’ is available in the sequel and I’d imagine at least two runs will be needed to achieve the platinum trophy. My initial thoughts are that I’ll play through the first run as Emily(low chaos) and then as Corvo(high chaos) with any missed trophies picked up as gameplay suits.