Topping off 2016

There's been so much negative feeling throughout the world in 2016. So much so that it has dulled over the good things from the year. 2017 has a mammoth task to rebalance things - unlikely? Tough to predict. I hope your year has been relatively stress free and happy. Mine has seen a work redundancy... Continue Reading →


Return to Two Forks

With version 1.03 now patched in, I returned to Firewatch after the false start made earlier in the year. False because upon release the game was glitchy and (for me at least) unplayable. I had said to myself that rather than struggling through and spoiling the whole experience, I'd wait...and wait I now have. missing you already... Continue Reading →

Thoughtful Gaming

Unlikely to be popular thinking outside of the industry, thoughtfulness and gaming can be bedfellows. Now I like my escapism in all forms. The current beta of Tom Clancy's The Division allows me to be a gun-toting scavenger in a great near-present setting. On the strength of the beta, I will be spending a lot of... Continue Reading →

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