2017 has been a good year for me, can you tell?

Four months without a post!

I’ve had twinges of guilt for not posting more and moments of believing that 2017 wouldn’t see another post from me here. But if I were to compare the January to June period to previous years, this year does rate as one of the better ones.

Simply put:

Better job + more fulfilled and balanced time outside work x positive outlook = ME in 2017 

This does tell me a little something about myself; that I’m far more prone to write when life isn’t as fluid as it has been in 2017.

So for the remainder of this year my plan is to post where I can but with a view to a ‘once a month’ schedule. It’s for me to work on what form this may take but my early thoughts are on having a theme for each month e.g. July – Music and how it’s kept me alive, August – Books and why reading is a healthy escape and so on.

Keep an eye on this page as I’ll update with the monthly themes as I form them.

Have a great June!



19 Years Online

Can scarcely believe that I’ve spent close to half my life connected to the internet. I signed up with prestel on-line back in November 1997. This was the time of dial-up where connecting to the Internet would cost you by the minute. So where playing Meridian 59 not only cost money every time I played it would also tie-up my parents phone line for hours on end. Never did I expect how my life would be so tied-into technology as it is now.

heathersThe beast

Two TV shows have given me pause to mull over life before and after the beast that is the Internet. Both are ingenious, life-affirming and have motivated me more than anything else this year. Am so happy that they have been around and weirdly enough they both reunite me with an actress and actor from a film I loved, pre-Internet, Heathers. So there’s kind of full circle, for both Christian Slater and Winona Ryder, with Mr. Robot and Stranger Things. The ’90s were periods where both these actors were everywhere. Since the turn of the new century, the pair seemed to have fallen out of favour(shame really as they are a talented pair). It’s nice to have them back and in TV shows that really connect with me. Christian shows that same unpredictable side to him as Mr. Robot as he did as J.D. in Heathers. Both these characters play to his strengths as an actor; emotive but hard to fathom. I actually find Winona’s Joyce, from Stranger Things, a little irritating and ever so slightly overplayed. If anything though, that’s down to the direction and it’s possible I’m finding it hard to adjust to her portrayal more – that and the crush I’ve had on her since Heathers makes the adjustment a little hard to accept!


Current morning motivation routine this week has seen me up by 9am, breakfast while watching at least one episode of Mr. Robot followed by email catch-up and task priority for the day. It’s been doing wonders having a great bit of TV to watch first thing. I have only got a few episodes left, of season one, of Mr.Robot and need to find something to fill the gap. Any suggestions of TV shows that would work?


With temporary work placement now behind me, I have a little bit of time to catch up with other matters. After being freed from my previous role, back in May, time has been my friend. Yet a few weeks back working and those previous life struggles, of having the time to flex my freedom and explore possibilities, came pounding back. Those few weeks allowed me to earn money, sure but ultimately I did nothing else but work, eat and rest. This shouldn’t be how we, in the 21st century, now live our lives.

If anything the months from May to August have allowed me to see life in a way I haven’t done since the long, heady summer holidays of my youth. Obviously that old phrase, ‘youth is wasted on the young’ has kept playing its way into my thoughts during this time. As an adult, I feel a greater appreciation for pretty much everything over the last few months. I’ve looked at this time away from the sedation of the 9-5 as a real benefit to my mental wellbeing and feel stronger for it.

Onwards to October and hopefully some clear night skies!