2017 has been a good year for me, can you tell? Four months without a post! I've had twinges of guilt for not posting more and moments of believing that 2017 wouldn't see another post from me here. But if I were to compare the January to June period to previous years, this year does... Continue Reading →


19 Years Online

Can scarcely believe that I've spent close to half my life connected to the internet. I signed up with prestel on-line back in November 1997. This was the time of dial-up where connecting to the Internet would cost you by the minute. So where playing Meridian 59 not only cost money every time I played... Continue Reading →


With temporary work placement now behind me, I have a little bit of time to catch up with other matters. After being freed from my previous role, back in May, time has been my friend. Yet a few weeks back working and those previous life struggles, of having the time to flex my freedom and... Continue Reading →

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