Topping off 2016

There's been so much negative feeling throughout the world in 2016. So much so that it has dulled over the good things from the year. 2017 has a mammoth task to rebalance things - unlikely? Tough to predict. I hope your year has been relatively stress free and happy. Mine has seen a work redundancy... Continue Reading →


19 Years Online

Can scarcely believe that I've spent close to half my life connected to the internet. I signed up with prestel on-line back in November 1997. This was the time of dial-up where connecting to the Internet would cost you by the minute. So where playing Meridian 59 not only cost money every time I played... Continue Reading →

Why Word of Mouth and the Importance of Listening to Your Gut Beats Hype

This post is part of the #Blaugust event run by @belghast. Details can be found here - Blaugust 2016. If I could avoid one influence in my life then it would have to be that emotional-warping and logic-destroying thing that is HYPE. Very much a modern currency, 'hype' will try to mask any doubters with... Continue Reading →

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